We get questions about the promotional codes for Google Workspace, so we hope that this answers most of them for you.

Please note, you must sign up for a new Google Workspace account using the following link https://w3cinc.com/workspace for the US- or AU-based free trial* of either Business Starter or Business Standard plan, and then you can use the promo code provided to you via email for the discount. (Google currently doesn't offer promo codes for any other plans (i.e., Plus or Enterprise). Do not sign up for the free trial before requesting the promotional code because you need to enter it at the same time!

If you don't have a promotional code, submit a ticket and we'll email you one. Make sure to reference which plan you have decided to purchase.

It’s for all users that you sign up in your Google Workspace account during the free trial and the discount should apply for the first year for all of those users.

After you’ve gone to the link above, you'll be signing up for the free trial. During the free trial sign-up you must enter your promo code during this process. There will be a field to apply the promotional code there. Please let us know if this was successful as each code is unique and we're only allowed so many codes to give out before we can get more for other businesses like yours. If you run into any issues, follow the instructions in the above-linked PDF to contact Google Workspace.

We wish you the best of luck in your business, and if you need any training or consulting on learning how to use Google Workspace products (Calendar, Gmail, Drive, Docs and more) or how to implement business operations workflows, let us know and we'll set up a consultation.

*If you are not in the US or AU, please submit a ticket and we can see about obtaining some codes for your country if there's enough demand. No promises, but we can try.